Azukishiba No Sato

Azukishiba No Sato
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You can meet the world smallest Shibainu (Azukishiba)&(Mameshiba)&(Minimal Mameshiba) at the Azukishiba No Sato


We are pleased to announce that open a new café at Akihabara, Tokyo and one in front of Okayama station.

New Café at Okayama (In front of Okayama station) opened on Jan 11, 2019 (Fri)
New Café at Akihabara opened on Jan 17, 2019 (Thu)

We extend our warmest welcome to Azukishiba No Sato Café

☆Please refer waiting time and ticket availability through Twitter.

Twitter Azuki no sato Akihabara @akibaazuki48
Twitter Azuki no sato Okayamaekimae @okayamaAzukiinu

You can buy a Today’s ticket at shop
When the tickets were sold-out, you can not be entered.
Unfortunatelly, booking through telephone/Internet is not acceptable.